Hi, My name is Mateusz, I'm 19 years old and I live in Warsaw.
Unfortunately I cannot say that my first toy in childhood was camcorder and I'm from italian well-known filmmakers family. But despite that You can get know me as person who have fell in love with working with camcorder and and making films at some point in my life. That's the way i express myself, my ideas, my imagination. I believe and love what I create.

Opportunities to cooperating and building something with amazing people make my dreams come true, this is the way I gain happiness and my life strength.

I believe that my piecies of passion and work will convince you to visit my world - 'USZALISM' - more often.

Let's do something together!

Contact me:
+48 512 928 282

December 18th

11:17PM // 1 note

Latest project done in my filmschool. Film tells that no matter why, no matter when, no matter how - it’s always good time to change your life, even if you thinks that is far too late.

December 7th


Together with guys from the AveBmx we decided to make some funny video connected with Santa Claus theme, so this is it - Santa Claus presented in a very mundane way until…

November 24th


Summary of my work done for AVEBMX in this year, great time spent on those projects!

October 28th


Edit shows arrival of Proper Team to Poland for few days to shred some polish spots.


Edit made while few guys from Proper Team arrived to Poland to shred some spots in 4 different cities. Thanks guys for Your time here!

October 9th


New edit in a “day in life” scheme :)

September 25th


In few days in Poland Proper Teammates will visit 4 major cities. If it’s possible for you, visit us and ride with guys!

September 11th


bRecently the biggest  extreme sports event had place in Poland called “Baltic Games”. That’s how we were having fun and shredding there.

August 22nd

11:40PM // 1 note

Brad Simms were on our camp for few weeks and in meantime we were gathering footage for his new edit, that’s what finally came out! Cheers cuuuuuz!

August 16th


Next group of kids at BmxCamp and their edit made by me as always :)